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i've signed up for Taylor Ellwood's Process of Magic course, starting in January. (INSERT HUGE SQUEE HERE)

i've always pulled a 7 point star and gone for fairy, urban fantasy, modern urban paganism, solo and ecclectic and reading and winging it - i swear to fucking everything under the hill i'd Never Heard of Feri Tradition folks until three years ago at PCon. i sort of paid little attention, i was overwhelmed by the menu at PCon and was pursuing people and things i knew. i wear my stars and amulets openly, and last year a woman commented on the star and i was a little blythe, "oh yes, that's my fae star," and AFTERWARD was the only time i thought "okay, i don't want to be confused with claiming initiate status or to be part of that order." like.. they're a thing, i started looking into it, they're a well established THING. so i figured i would avoid- but i just started looking at their sites and whatnot.. Very Queer! <3 Very Good! <3 Very Interesting! <3

[eta: also, omg through Bella and Lance i'm accidentally rubbing up via FB with two or three of their priests (right word?) inner-circle teachers, which i find hilarious and now i wonder oh my god have i been behaving myself? what kind of impression do i make?!?]

i'm going to plonk down some bucks and take the black rose course over 2016, see where that leads. i have a LOT of reading to do, what are the paths, is this really the right starting point, la la la etc.
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